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My Scars, The Body I Learned to Love Again

Ten years ago I was involved in a terrible accident that left my legs, stomach and face badly burned. Several reconstructive surgeries and years later and can finally say that I am “over it” and understand that beauty is truly only skin deep.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 21.35.44

Special thank you to The Chrissy B Show for having me on the show to share my story, to my sister Maegan of Maegan’s Make-up for doing my make-up to support me that night we filmed this, and to Question-Air Boutique in London for supplying my wardrobe.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 21.27.37

Here are a few images from a photoshoot I styled for a course I took at Central Saint Martins here in London.

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Recorded on July 16, 2015 in London, England.

by Cynthia Gregoire

The Chrissy B Show – Special Relaunch Show!

The Chrissy B Show has relaunched on Sky203, and to celebrate the relaunch, Chrissy had all her regular guests on the show come out to talk about new beginnings.

Fashion and clothing are always a way to “start anew” and express yourself as you wish for that moment in time.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 20.17.09


To celebrate this black tie dress code event, I chose a beautiful cowl neck asymmetric dress in navy by American design Nicole Miller and styled my sister Maegan in a gorgeous Swedish brand “By Malina” silk dress in raspberry pink.  Pumps by Lucy Choi of London.


Styled by Cynthia, wardrobe supplied by Question Air of London.

Make-up by Maegan’s Make-up.

Aired on July 13, 2015 in London, England.

by Cynthia Gregoire




Mod: Why Britain’s biggest youth cult will never die

British author and historian Richard Weight hosts a panel discussion alongside the launch of his new book ‘Mod: From Bebop to Britpop’ at Pretty Green’s Carnaby Store location in London.

People all over the world recognise Brits by this Mod look, but why is it still relevant over 60 years later?

Listen here as Richard talks about what Mod style means to him.

Richard Weight dressed in Mod


The book launch and after party at Gibson Guitar Lounge was part of  Pretty Green’s  “March of the Mods” themed collection for Spring/Summer 2015.   Mod style is stronger than ever and Pretty Green is a living testament to this, having just recently expanded into America.

Pretty Green’s newest “March of the Mods” Spring/Summer 2015 collection

Since it’s conception in 2009, Pretty Green has established itself as an essential part of men’s contemporary fashion with the essence of Mod style infused in the brands DNA.

Pretty Green Spring Summer 15 catwalk show


Richard Weight’s book discusses how the style ‘Mod’ came to be, describes the key components of being a mod and explains what it is that has inspired people to fall in love with Britain’s largest youth movement.

The Mod Journalist holds a signed copy of Richard’s new book

Richard Weight leads the discussion with a special panel of guests:

Doc Brown
Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 22.07.04Brown is a writer, actor, comedian and rapper.

Considered a voice of a generation, he is developing a music-based project with Ricky Gervais, having appeared alongside him in Derek.

His UK tour kicks off April 2015.

Dean West
Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 22.08.24Dean West is a director at Pretty Green. Having worked with some of Britain’s leading brands, dean joined Pretty Green in 2009. When asked to sum up the brand, “It’s Liam Gallagher’s contemporary British heritage brand which takes its influences directly from streetwear culture from the past.” 


Sue Tilley

Sue Tilley rose to fame as one of the most recognizable muses in Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 22.06.41modern British art. Known fondly as ‘Big Sue’, Tilley was the subject of Lucien Freud’s 1995 painting, ‘Benefits Supervisor Sleeping.’

The painting held the world record for the highest price paid for a painting by a living artist of 17.2 million pounds. She was considered a mover and shaker of youth culture, being a prominent figure on the 80s club scene.

Dean Rudland
As a South London-based enthusiast for jazz, soul and funk RudlandScreen Shot 2015-02-15 at 22.14.39 walked out of university in 1990 and straight into a job at Acid Jazz Records.

Rudland has worked on many musical catalogue projects, including the relaunch of EMI’s Stateside label before going to Ace Records.
Rudland’s Blue Break Beats series has sold over a 100,000 copies.

The Mod Journalist at Pretty Green Carnaby Street Store

Highlights of the panel discussion centred around the fact that Mod is a unique British amalgam that was born in the late 1950’s comprised of the best bits of European and American music and style, with influences from other parts of the world such as the Cariibean and Africa.

But why is Mod style still so relevant today?  Highlights from the panel discussion:


Doc B: “There’s something very quintessentially British about it, the style is neat, tidy and tailored.  Mod is one of those things that couldn’t be from anywhere else.”

Pretty Green Spring Summer 15 catwalk show
Pretty Green Spring Summer 15 catwalk show

Dean W:  “It’s the way Brits dress, and the world has come to know it as such.  The Herringbone and checked shirt have become staples in menswear.

Mod style is so accessible and there is so much to choose from today. In 1963 there were only about 5 years of music, and one look, by 1980 another 15-20 years of music and fashion and now, we are looking at 50 years of culture, music and style.

Mod style or any style for that matter is about reinventing things for each generation, taking the best bits and making it your own, it’s what fashion is all about.”

Photo credit: Tanya Geddes
Photo credit: Tanya Geddes

Sue: “Brits love to dress up and stand out, but also love to be part of something, a tribe, a cult, whatever you’d call it. It makes people feel as though they belong to something, and Mods were no exception.”

Pretty Green Spring Summer 15 catwalk show


Dean R: “In the 1950’s , young people were happy and carefree post war and something unique was created. In the 50’s and 60’s there wasn’t the luxury for middle class to travel and therefore the Mods at that time had to live and breathe Mod culture in Britain, they aspired to ride the scooter, drink the Italian coffee, it became a way of life…

Mod style sits anywhere between British casual to the highest tailoring. You could have a £1000 suit, that’s Mod, or take jeans, converse and a Herrington jacket and you are still in the same parameters as Mod.”

Pretty Green Spring Summer 15 catwalk show


Pretty Green Spring Summer 15 catwalk show


The Mod Journalist catches Richard for a quick interview and asks him what his favourite Mod looks are for guys and girls, as well as what he believes will be the future for Mod culture.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 00.02.27
The Mod Journalist Cynthia Liza interviews Richard Weight

by Cynthia Gregoire

Special thanks to Richard WeightPretty Green and Thinkers PR.

Photos of event by Tanya Geddes of The London Culturist