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Florals, Frills & Fringe

As the first official days of summer are upon us, Britain finds themselves outside at events such as Glastonbury, various music festivals, summer beach holidays, outdoor stadium gigs and a patio pubs and parties.

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Choosing the appropriate fabrics in summer can make a huge difference in comfort when weather is hot and muggy.  Florals, frills and fringe add movement and sophistication to a garment.

Watch my segment where I highlight floral, fringe and frilly pieces that England is loving in summer 2016!

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 22.11.23

Dodo Bar Or dress
Stylist: Cynthia Gregoire

Wardrobe:  Question-Air Boutique

Aired on Sky203 June 8 2016, London, England.

by Cynthia Gregoire

Looking Fabulous at Every Age

Working at a clothing boutique in Hampstead I constantly I hear women saying “I can’t wear this, I’m too old!” They have a set of rules they have laid out for themselves such as, “I don’t show my arms”, “This skirt is too short”, “These jeans are too skinny”, etc. Yet there will be a women ten years their senior saunter into the shop right behind them and rock the same ensemble, loving the reflection staring back at them in the mirror.

Why is this? A couple of things.  Yes, there is something to be said about “age appropriate clothing”, but it more has to do with assessing your own personal body at whatever age you are at and being honest with yourself about whether you are comfortable and confident in what you are wearing.

This weeks styling focuses on looking fabulous at every age.  Jumpsuits by Nicole Miller and DVF, dresses by Rag & Bone, Essential, YFB and much more!

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 22.03.34

Three looks for your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s…whilst there are arguments for what types of fashion/clothing is “age appropriate”, the counter argument can be made that as long as you’re comfortable in what you choose to wear and “own it”, age is but a number in fashion!

High waisted printed trousers to look fab in your 40’s!

I styled Chrissy in highwaisted “Montreal” trousers by Essentiel, and an amazing top by Rag and Bone.  The arm cutouts are perfect for a glam evening look.

Plunging neckline floral jumpsuit by Nicole Miller
Plunging neckline in your 30’s with this  floral jumpsuit by Nicole Miller

For myself I chose a floral lace jumpsuit by Nicole Miller with a plunging neckline and mesh open back…no bras with this baby!

Nicole Miller does it again with this bardot style dress
Nicole Miller does it again with this bardot style dress

My makeover of the week was the lovely Marcia. Marcia has an “apple shape” figure and great care needs to be taken in order to  choose clothing that will flatter.  Here Marcia models a fabulous orange Bardot style dress with Sam Edelman wedges.  Being in her 20’s it’s Marcia’s time to experiment with clothing, colours, styles, her time to develop her own sense of style.  She does a wonderful job styling herself and has come such a long way from where she was at.  Listen to her story in the video segment above.

Stylist: Cynthia Gregoire

Make-up (Cynthia): Sofia Carvalho/Maegan’s Makeup

Hair(Cynthia): Davide at Gary Ingham Salon Hampstead

Wardrobe:  Question-Air Boutique

Aired on Sky203 June 29 2016, London, England.

by Cynthia Gregoire



Gregoire Sisters Makeover: Elaine Day

This week on The Chrissy B Show the Gregoire Sisters made over  mother of 3, Elaine Day.  Elaine is featured on the “Love Your Body, Love You” special episode.


Before the makeover began, Elaine had explained to us that her tiny 5″1 frame ballooned from 6.5 stone to 12.5 stone during her three pregnancies, leaving her body with loose  skin, stretch marks and sagging breasts.  Finding flattering clothes became more difficult and she has admitted she has lost confidence in her post baby body to the point where it has started to affect her personal life.

Elaine before Gregoire Sister Makeover

First came the makeup, and Maegan was all about the colour.  What I love about Maegan’s work is she always manages to find a look for a person they would have never previously considered.  She analyses her model’s faces and then chooses from a wide selection of quality products to complete her creative makeup application.


First came the hair and makeup, and Maegan was all about natural glam.  “When your face is flawless everything else is a bonus.  I focused on enhancing the skin using natural contour colours and shades of natural tone to suit Elaine’s skin colour.”

Maegan applies natural tones to create a flawless skin look on Elaine

Now for the clothes.  I wanted to style Elaine in a  glamorous way that would enhance her figure and provide the structure and support where her body needed it.  Hiding a heavier figure under baggy oversized tops can actually make a person appear larger and shorter than they are.  Instead choose a garment that fits properly, make use of colours and patterns and choose fabrics that have structure to create a flattering shape.

Stylist Cynthia Liza consults her rail for the most appropriate outfit for Elaine to try

I knew I had the perfect solution for Elaine with Nicole Miller’s AW15  “Surplus Tuck Dress”. The forest green and white abstract-print fabric, wrap V neckline, and ruching throughout is just what Elaine needed to hide any unwanted bulges. A structured dress such as this gives the illusion of a  flattering silhouette and perfect hourglass shape.  High stilettos make a shorter frame appear much taller and slim the legs.

Elaine Day before and after the Gregoire Sisters makeover

Here’s what Elaine had to say about her clothing makeover:

“Having a makeover on the show was great! It has encouraged me to be more experimental with clothing and natural tones.  The clothing was good quality and comfortable, felt very natural on me, I particularly liked the shoes. Sometimes heels can be uncomfortable but they were so nice…”

Another Gregoire Sisters Makeover on The Chrissy B Show!

Elaine was a pleasure to work with and I wish her a successful career in the tv and film industry as she chases her dream!

This show will air in London, England on Sky 203 at 10pm October 26, 2015.  Check back here to watch.

All outfits by Question Air boutique in Hampstead, London. You can read about Cynthia’s styling choices here.

by Cynthia Gregoire

If you would like to be considered for a Gregoire Sisters makeover and appear on The Chrissy B Show on live television, please write to cynthia@themodjournalist.com with a photo, measurements, and why you would like a Gregoire Sisters makeover.

Cynthia’s Styling: Autumn/Winter 2015’s best picks

This episode of The Chrissy B Show I had so many fashion pieces to choose from at my favourite designer clothing boutique in Hampstead, Question Air.  The shop is filled to the brim with Autumn/Winter’s best styles.


For Chrissy I chose a silk jumpsuit by Rebecca Taylor.  Rebecca’s AW15 collection is absolutely gorgeous this season filled with romantic bohemian pieces cut to flatter every woman’s shape.  I love styling Chrissy in a jumpsuit, she makes wearing a one look effortless to wear and most importantly they suit and flatter her body in a comfortable way.

Chrissy B rocking a monochrome jumpsuit by American based designer Rebecca Taylor
For myself I’ve really been into monochrome looks so I paired my favourite Vivienne Westwood white blouse with a leather knee skirt by Rabens Saloner.  Ravens Saloner is a Danish designer which I absolutely love and they have nailed the longer skirt length of the season with this elasticised leather skirt.  Tuck in your shirt to show off your waist and for a dash of colour I paired with red suede court shoes by Sam Edelman.  Suede or suede looking fabrics are very hot this season and add a lovely warm texture to your outfit.

Stylish monochrome look using the season’s hottest pieces
For my sister Maegan I chose this gorgeous red with black underlay Diane von Furstenberg zarita dress.   DVF does this dress every season, however these two colours together are absolutely romantic and I paired the dress with sexy black suede lace up heels by Australian designer Senso.

Romantic and sexy in lace, Maegan looks elegant in DVF
And of course let’s not forget about Sehar, our lovely makeover of the week!  Read about Sehar’s outfit and makeup makeover here.

Our lovely makeover model Sehar Zam
All outfits courtesy of Question Air boutique in London.

by Cynthia Gregoire

Gregoire Sisters Makeover: Sehar Zam

This week on The Chrissy B Show the Gregoire Sisters made over Sehar Zam.  Sehar was featured on an episode where Chrissy talked about all things confidence.  Sehar bravely stripped off all makeup, and let the Gregoire sisters take over!

Sehar with no makeup, ready for makeover by the Gregoire sisters.

Sehar came onto the show wearing a beautiful coral coloured dress, and expressed her love of colour to me.  I wanted to style her in colours from the newest Autumn/Winter 15 collections, so I chose a vibrant lips printed silk blouse by Diane Von Furstenberg and a pair of leather looking trousers by Helmut Lang.  Sam Edelman pumps in black pony skin with a cobra detail on the heel completed the look, although the red Sam Edelman’s I was wearing would have looked fabulous as well.  Depends how crazy you are about colour! 🙂

sehar done
Sehar rocking a DVF silk blouse with Helmut Lang trousers and Sam Edelman pumps.

Here’s what Sehar had to say about her makeover:

“This look Cynthia styled on me was totally spot on. I’d wear the outfit to work, on a date and even a night out! When I first saw the trousers Cynthia asked me to wear I was weary thinking they’d be painfully tight and not go past my hips – however I was wrong! The comfort of the trousers were absolutely amazing – I could stretch/move around in them however I pleased. Oh, and not to forget the fabulous snake skin heels – I’m a sucker for anything unique and these definitely stole my heart!”

Sehar wore this outfit with elegance and confidence.

Next came the makeup, and Maegan was all about the colour.  What I love about Maegan’s work is she always manages to find a look for a person they would have never previously considered.  She analyses her model’s faces and then chooses from a wide selection of quality products to complete her creative makeup application.

meg makeup
Maegan chats with Chrissy B about her makup choices for Sehar.

Here’s what Sehar had to say about her makeup:

“I absolutely loved how Maegan used minimal makeup but still managed to give me full coverage on my face! I normally use brown blush on my cheeks however Maegan went for a pinky colour instead, which at first I was worried about, but to my surprise it was actually perfect for my skin tone and really brightened up my face! Will definitely apply Maegan’s methods to my own makeup routine.”

Model Sehar Zam’s new makeup look by Maegan’s Make-up.

A little bit about Sehar:

An agency represented/freelance commercial model living in London, Sehar entered into international top model competition ‘Face of the World 2015’ held at Birmingham International Fashion Week. Being a petite model who’s only 5″4 Sehar never thought she’d even be considered let alone make it to the finals. She ended up winning the competition and was named Top Commercial Photographic model for Face of the World 2015. Sehar is also currently Miss London Inspiration 2015/2016 and is an inspirational speaker at Macmillan Cancer Support. She also belly dances and  dances for Bhangra/Bollywood.  

Sehar was a pleasure to work with and I wish this inspirational shining star a successful career with whatever she chooses to pursue!

The Gregoire Sisters love doing makeovers to make people feel and look their best.

This show will air in London, England on Sky 203 at 10pm October 12, 2015.  Check back here to watch.

All outfits by Question Air boutique in Hampstead, London. You can read about Cynthia’s styling choices here.

If you would like to be considered for a Gregoire Sisters makeover and appear on The Chrissy B Show on live television, please write to cynthia@themodjournalist.com with a photo, measurements, and why you would like a Gregoire Sisters makeover.

by Cynthia Gregoire

My Scars, The Body I Learned to Love Again

Ten years ago I was involved in a terrible accident that left my legs, stomach and face badly burned. Several reconstructive surgeries and years later and can finally say that I am “over it” and understand that beauty is truly only skin deep.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 21.35.44

Special thank you to The Chrissy B Show for having me on the show to share my story, to my sister Maegan of Maegan’s Make-up for doing my make-up to support me that night we filmed this, and to Question-Air Boutique in London for supplying my wardrobe.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 21.27.37

Here are a few images from a photoshoot I styled for a course I took at Central Saint Martins here in London.

4b 6 2014-11 CSM Styling WedPM0122 2014-11 CSM Styling WedPM0128 2014-11 CSM Styling WedPM0152

Recorded on July 16, 2015 in London, England.

by Cynthia Gregoire

The Chrissy B Show – Special Relaunch Show!

The Chrissy B Show has relaunched on Sky203, and to celebrate the relaunch, Chrissy had all her regular guests on the show come out to talk about new beginnings.

Fashion and clothing are always a way to “start anew” and express yourself as you wish for that moment in time.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 20.17.09


To celebrate this black tie dress code event, I chose a beautiful cowl neck asymmetric dress in navy by American design Nicole Miller and styled my sister Maegan in a gorgeous Swedish brand “By Malina” silk dress in raspberry pink.  Pumps by Lucy Choi of London.


Styled by Cynthia, wardrobe supplied by Question Air of London.

Make-up by Maegan’s Make-up.

Aired on July 13, 2015 in London, England.

by Cynthia Gregoire