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Looking Fabulous at Every Age

Working at a clothing boutique in Hampstead I constantly I hear women saying “I can’t wear this, I’m too old!” They have a set of rules they have laid out for themselves such as, “I don’t show my arms”, “This skirt is too short”, “These jeans are too skinny”, etc. Yet there will be a women ten years their senior saunter into the shop right behind them and rock the same ensemble, loving the reflection staring back at them in the mirror.

Why is this? A couple of things.  Yes, there is something to be said about “age appropriate clothing”, but it more has to do with assessing your own personal body at whatever age you are at and being honest with yourself about whether you are comfortable and confident in what you are wearing.

This weeks styling focuses on looking fabulous at every age.  Jumpsuits by Nicole Miller and DVF, dresses by Rag & Bone, Essential, YFB and much more!

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 22.03.34

Three looks for your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s…whilst there are arguments for what types of fashion/clothing is “age appropriate”, the counter argument can be made that as long as you’re comfortable in what you choose to wear and “own it”, age is but a number in fashion!

High waisted printed trousers to look fab in your 40’s!

I styled Chrissy in highwaisted “Montreal” trousers by Essentiel, and an amazing top by Rag and Bone.  The arm cutouts are perfect for a glam evening look.

Plunging neckline floral jumpsuit by Nicole Miller
Plunging neckline in your 30’s with this  floral jumpsuit by Nicole Miller

For myself I chose a floral lace jumpsuit by Nicole Miller with a plunging neckline and mesh open back…no bras with this baby!

Nicole Miller does it again with this bardot style dress
Nicole Miller does it again with this bardot style dress

My makeover of the week was the lovely Marcia. Marcia has an “apple shape” figure and great care needs to be taken in order to  choose clothing that will flatter.  Here Marcia models a fabulous orange Bardot style dress with Sam Edelman wedges.  Being in her 20’s it’s Marcia’s time to experiment with clothing, colours, styles, her time to develop her own sense of style.  She does a wonderful job styling herself and has come such a long way from where she was at.  Listen to her story in the video segment above.

Stylist: Cynthia Gregoire

Make-up (Cynthia): Sofia Carvalho/Maegan’s Makeup

Hair(Cynthia): Davide at Gary Ingham Salon Hampstead

Wardrobe:  Question-Air Boutique

Aired on Sky203 June 29 2016, London, England.

by Cynthia Gregoire



Rag & Bone…Le Smoking!

New York cool Rag & Bone sets the bar high this spring with their smoking hot Arrow pant and Windsor jacket.  The silhouette is straight, skinny and cropped with chic tailoring and extra details such as a turned up collar option with white underneath.

Rag & Bone’s Windsor jacket is a great investment piece for Spring 2016. Loving the turned up collar with white detailing.

Click below to watch London’s newest Spring 2016 trends including looks by Iro, Paige, Velvet, Alpha Moment, Vivienne Westwood and more!Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 20.25.35

This segment marks my 50th styling segment on The Chrissy B Show, and I had the pleasure of having my style icon on the show with me, my mother!

My mother in monochrome jacket by Iro, show host Chrissy B in Velvet top and Paige jeans.

Stylist: Cynthia Gregoire

Make up Artist: Maegan’s Make-up

Wardrobe:  Question-Air Boutique

Aired on Sky203 March 9, 2016, London, England.

by Cynthia Gregoire

Spring/Summer 2016 featuring new Vivienne Westwood SS16

This week on The Chrissy B Show I outline major fashion trends hitting down in London’s high street stores this Spring/Summer season, including the newest from designer’s like Vivienne Westwood, Iro, Ganni, Essentiel and more!

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 18.57.30

Special thank you to Question-Air for supplying all the garments.

Thanks for watching!

See you next week,


In love with Vivienne Westwood’s latest ‘Punk Monroe’ dress…it’s on my “must have” list for Spring/Summer 2016. So fab!



‘Old Hollywood Glamour’ inspired by 1950’s fashion

In 1947, Christian Dior revealed to the world a “New Look” consisting of full skirted silhouettes reminiscent of the Victorian era.  1950’s fashion was to become an era in which women would finally be able to express their individual identity.

Dior's first 'New Look' collection, 12th February 1947
Dior’s first ‘New Look’ collection, 12th February 1947

The look included using an extravagant amount of fabric, calf length hems and tiny accentuated waists.  This look was very different in mentality to 1940’s fashion, where clothing was rationed, recycled, and repaired until the garments could no longer be worn.

'The Bar Suit' 1947, worn by Dior's house model, Renee Breton 1947
‘The Bar Suit’ 1947, worn by Dior’s house model, Renee Breton 1947

Floral designs such as flowers were common and coloured buttons, belts and shoes accentuated the dresses.

A catalogue page from the 1950’s.

Hairstyles carried forward the Victorian rolls from the 1940’s and signature makeup included red lips, a subtle cateye flick and penciled in beauty marks.

‘Old Hollywood Glamour’ was the look to attain and fashion idols of the decade included English and American film actresses such as Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn.

Grace Kelly, 1955
Grace Kelly, 1955.
Audrey Hepburn, 1954.
Audrey Hepburn, 1954.
Elizabeth Taylor, 1950’s.









On The Chrissy B Show  I talk about the relevance of this silhouette  in 2015, and highlight a London designer “Mrs Pomeranz” who takes 1950’s silhouettes and makes her own contemporary designs from them.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 16.12.02
1950’s Fashion and Make-up discussed on The Chrissy B Show


All dresses by Mrs. Pomeranz
All dresses by Mrs. Pomeranz

Chrissy is wearing the “Hannah” Brocade Cocktail Dress, made of beautiful Italian linen brocade fabric with a vibrant blue rose print.

Host Chrissy B wearing the Hannah Brocade Cocktail Dress by Mrs. Pomeranz
Host Chrissy B wearing the Hannah Brocade Cocktail Dress by Mrs. Pomeranz

Note the fitted bodice with short sleeves, boat neck at the front and low button up back. The full, gently pleated skirt has side pockets and a net frill, which imitates a petticoat.

I’m wearing the “Waverley” dress with a removable Peter Pan collar. It also comes with a second option for collar in pure white. The combinations of Peter Pan collar and full calf length skirt made the dress quite unique looking, mixing 1950’s with early 1900’s details all designed together for a contemporary style.

The Mod Journalist Cynthia Liza wearing the Waverley dress

Make-up artist Maegan is wearing a made-to-measure special design skirt in white with floral patterns for spring.  This type of skirt looks great styled with a racerback vest tucked in and a short cardigan as pictured here.

Make-up artist Maegan wearing a skirt by Mrs. Pomeranz

Stylist: Cynthia Gregoire

Make up Artist: Maegan’s Make-up

Wardrobe:  Question-Air Boutique

Aired on Sky203 February 16, 2015, London, England.

by Cynthia Gregoire


1970’s are 2015’s hottest trends

This weeks styling for The Chrissy B Show featured 1970’s fashion inspired by three iconic 1970’s actresses and artists, CherFarrah Fawcett, and Brigitte Bardot.

Farrah Fawcett and Cher from the television program The Sonny and Cher Show.
Farrah Fawcett and Cher from the television program The Sonny and Cher Show.
French actress and model Brigitte Bardot in 1970's fashion
French actress and model Brigitte Bardot in 1970’s fashion

The 1970’s will be a heavy influence on fashion trends for the upcoming year, and the question becomes, “How much do I borrow from history and add/integrate into my 2015 wardrobe?”

1970’s Fashion both vintage and reinterpreted for 2015

Here are the “key trends” from the 1970’s:

  • polyester
  • psychedelic patterns
  • bell-bottomed trousers
  • disco, glitter, metallics
  • pointed collars
  • bright colours
  • angel/bell/flared sleeves
  • flowy dresses (long and short)
  • the “midi” skirt
  • longer silhouettes for dresses

The 1970’s were heavily influenced by the 1960’s (see 1960’s style here) and so garments, especially in the early 70’s saw many trends carry over from the last decade such as fringe, headbands and  miniskirts.

Host Chrissy B rocking DVF

Chrissy is wearing Diane von Furstenberg, a premium American fashion designer known for her iconic 1970’s silhouettes reworked into modern collections.  DVF is an absolute master in cutting the perfect dress, trouser or jumpsuit.

A centre draping detail and feminine v-neck give the dress slimming qualities for all figures.  1970’s royal blue polyester metallic fabric turn Chrissy into a modern day Disco Diva.

Sam Edelman’s newest high heel collection


I’ve paired the dress with snakeskin print heels in two of the 1970’s most iconic colours, blue and green .


Source: Wikimedia
Source: Wikimedia
Bohemian style was a prominent look of the 1970’s

I’m wearing a mixture of 2015 pieces.  I resonate with Cher‘s 1970 style, and drew my inspiration from her.

A rock and roll fringe jacket is paired with a slight flared bootcut jean, platforms, and a Current Elliot vintage print muscle tee.

Make-up artist Maegan as 1970 disco diva

Maegan is channelling 1970’s disco diva with her Farrah Fawcett inspired hair and glitter outfit by Essentiel.

Paired with metallic stilettos by Sam Edelman, this outfit is a perfect example of what became known as the “midi” skirt in the mid-1970’s when the mini became less prominent.  The 1970’s are known for their longer silhouettes.



Hair was inspired by both Cher and Farrah Fawcett, two very prominent figures in pop culture of the 1970’s.

Channeling Cher and Farrah Fawcett


Chrissy B wearing Spring 2015’s newest looks

For Wednesday’s show this week I’ve styled Chrissy B in the newest cashmere “cocoon” jumper by Duffy, Mother dark denim straight leg jeans and snake print stilettos by Sam Edeman.





Make up: Maegan’s Make-up

Stylist: Cynthia Gregoire

Wardrobe:  Question-Air Boutique

Aired on Sky 203‘s ‘The Chrissy B Show‘ Monday 2 February at 10pm, London.

by Cynthia Gregoire

1960’s Vintage, Vivienne Westwood and Roland Mouret

This weeks styling for The Chrissy B Show featured looks by
designer’s John Charles of London, Vivienne Westwood, and Roland Mouret.


Host Chrissy B looking fabulous in Vivienne Westwood

Chrissy is wearing an Anglomania Vivienne Westwood dress.  The dress especially flatters Chrissy’s figure due to the details of the garment.

An off-the-shoulder neckline showcases a women’s delicate collarbone and the fuller skirt in dark green-gold metallic fabric highlights a tiny waistline.



Stylist Cynthia Liza wearing John Charles of London vintage, probably 1967-1972 collection.

I’m wearing a beautiful vintage piece by John Charles of London.

I don’t have an exact year for this dress but I speculate it’s anywhere around 1968-1972.

The pale green colour mixed with lace hemline, waistline, neckline and cuffs gives a ‘goddess’ type look to the gown.

Sheer arm panelling and the longer silhouettes are signature of this time periodic fashion history.

Make-up Artist Maegan wearing Roland Mouret


Maegan is wearing a sample dress by Roland Mouret.

Off the shoulder and asymmetrically draped to one side, this dress has a Grecian look to it.



Gregoire Sisters Cynthia and Maegan


Host Chrissy B office casual in Italian designer MSGM blouse.




For Wednesday’s show this week I’ve styled Chrissy B in a digital pixelated rose blouse by MSGM, mid-rise skinny midnight blue-black jeans by Frame Denim and black stilettos.



Make up: Maegan’s Make-up

Stylist: Cynthia Gregoire

Wardrobe:  Question-Air Boutique

Aired on Sky 203‘s ‘The Chrissy B Show‘ Monday 26 January at 10pm, London.

by Cynthia Gregoire

Video: New Year’s party clothing with MSGM, DVF, Paige & Essentiel

This week on Sky 203’s The Chrissy B Show New Year’s party styles were explored including garments by designer’s like MSGMDiane von FurstenbergPaigeSam EdelmanEssentiel and more.

Click the video below to view the segment:

For an in-depth read of the styling for this week click here.

Stylist: Cynthia Gregoire

Make up Artist: Sara Argy

Wardrobe:  Question-Air Boutique

Aired on Sky203 December 26, 2014, London, England.

by Cynthia Gregoire