Summer of “Bardot” Top…

This summer British fashion is going crazy for ‘Bardot tops’, or in particular, the Bardot neckline (a wide open neck that exposes both shoulders).

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This look was popularised by the beautiful French actress Brigitte Bardot.  This style was especially used for knitted sweaters or jumpers although it is also used for other summer fabric tops and dresses.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 20.48.13

Watch my fashion segment as I speak more in depth about the different types of Bardot tops Britain is currently wearing as well as tips and tricks to style them for that perfect elegant summer look.

DSCF4238‘Bardot’ style top by Rebecca Taylor, paired with white boot crop jeans and wedges

Stylist: Cynthia Gregoire

Wardrobe:  Question-Air Boutique

Aired on Sky203 June 8 2016, London, England.

by Cynthia Gregoire

Rag & Bone…Le Smoking!

New York cool Rag & Bone sets the bar high this spring with their smoking hot Arrow pant and Windsor jacket.  The silhouette is straight, skinny and cropped with chic tailoring and extra details such as a turned up collar option with white underneath.

Rag & Bone’s Windsor jacket is a great investment piece for Spring 2016. Loving the turned up collar with white detailing.

Click below to watch London’s newest Spring 2016 trends including looks by Iro, Paige, Velvet, Alpha Moment, Vivienne Westwood and more!Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 20.25.35

This segment marks my 50th styling segment on The Chrissy B Show, and I had the pleasure of having my style icon on the show with me, my mother!

My mother in monochrome jacket by Iro, show host Chrissy B in Velvet top and Paige jeans.

Stylist: Cynthia Gregoire

Make up Artist: Maegan’s Make-up

Wardrobe:  Question-Air Boutique

Aired on Sky203 March 9, 2016, London, England.

by Cynthia Gregoire

Spring/Summer 2016 featuring new Vivienne Westwood SS16

This week on The Chrissy B Show I outline major fashion trends hitting down in London’s high street stores this Spring/Summer season, including the newest from designer’s like Vivienne Westwood, Iro, Ganni, Essentiel and more!

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 18.57.30

Special thank you to Question-Air for supplying all the garments.

Thanks for watching!

See you next week,


In love with Vivienne Westwood’s latest ‘Punk Monroe’ dress…it’s on my “must have” list for Spring/Summer 2016. So fab!



Hanging with Jim Morrison on a rainy Sunday morning 

I’ve been to Paris so many times and visiting Jim Morrison’s gravesite has always been on the list.  However, the timing never seemed quite right, I wanted some “alone time” with Jim, away from the daily tourist hoards that literally stop by his tomb for a quick moment, ticking the box.

I knew from previous visits to Paris that Parisians are quite relaxed on a Sunday, with many businesses closed and a general quiet atmosphere. Perfect. I set out for the famous Père Lachaise graveyard, which I must say even beats La Recoleta in Argentina for the most majestic graveyard I’ve ever been in. I hoped for a quiet morning alone with Jim.

With The Doors in my headphones, and armed with a $3.49 Père Lachaise app that would take me right to Jim’s grave I entered Père Lachaise Cemetary. Rainy and wet, I couldn’t see many people around which was perfect, glad I came early!

I follow the app map straight to where it says Jim is buried. I see nothing. Surely it wouldn’t be one of these plain gravesites, it would have a flower or two on it??!? Then I hear a truck behind me. I turn around.  

In between the rows of gravestones I spot a flash of colour. There it is!! Wet feet in the sopping mud I cut through a few gravestones (sorry!) only to come to a gated off area.   

 I see the graveyard attendant from the truck hop out of the truck, open the gate and enter Jim’s tomb area. He picks up many empty glass bottles of Jack Daniels, dead flowers, and other random rubbish. I’m assuming Saturday night parties at Jim’s grave is a common thing…  

“Can I come sit with Jim for a bit?” I ask the graveyard attendant. I’m really embarrassed at my lack of trying to speak French and obviously this dude spoke not a lick of English. 

“No.” he says nicely and carries on cleaning and saying some other sentences I can’t comprehend. 

A couple of minutes later I see him about to leave, he opens gate for me and says something to the effect “Quickly, because the guard is watching!” 

Omg!! Thank you!!!! 

I sit down with Jim, still listening to The Doors, asking him a few questions I had about life, music, etc. You can just feel the energy of the area, all the sadness of people who just wish it wasn’t so….all the people who came to pay tribute to one of the world’s greatest frontmen…telling him his rock and roll legacy still lives on. 



I finish up at the site and the guard locks the gate again. Thank you guard dude, how divine was that timing!?! I smile to myself cause I know it’s true. I wished to be alone with Jim and I got my wish. Soon after I leave I see the tourists coming…just in time.

On a closing note and keeping with the theme of “musical greats”, I pass Frederic Chopin’s tomb and say hello. I still remember the day my grade 6 music teacher Mr. Roman Churko told us his life story. Always have loved and been intrigued by his music. He still motivates me to play piano even to this day!

Now, off for a bit of petit dèjeuner, man the French know how to do food!

By Cynthia Gregoire

Quadrophenia – 1964 is back for February 2016 in London

Relive the sights and sounds of 1964 as British movie classic Quadrophenia‘s full on theatrical performance takes place at London’s Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith on 11 February 2016.

The cinematic presentation is sure to plunge mod fans young and old into the sights and sounds of the swinging sixties, capturing the spirit of an era that fuelled a cultural revolution.

Original cast from the 1979 original film will star in this special performance at Hammersmith Apollo in London, England

Many of the original film’s key stars will be taking part in the event including the star of the film, 1960’s Mod teenager Jimmy Cooper (Phil Daniels).  Joining Daniels will be other major names from the cast including Phil Davis (Chalky), Mark Wingett (Dave), Toyah Wilcox (Monkey), Trevor Laird (Ferdy), Garry Cooper (Peter) and Daniel Peacock (Danny).

Director Franc Roddam and cast are set to share their memories in a special one off Q&A to start off the night.

Quadrophenia: the day the Mods rocked Brighton

The original film was based on The Who’s double-album  released six years earlier in 1973.  The all-important sounds of the day will be performed live by leading Who tribute act Who’s Who.

An exclusive VIP after party with appearances from all the Q&A special guests, plus memorabilia including original Vespas and their real life Mod owners comes as the grand finale on this event.  Prizes for the best dressed mods!


The Mod era has been a source of fascination and inspirations for generations – its fashion and music continue to resonate today.

Purchase your tickets for this unforgettable night here.

Quad_2016 - Artwork

by Cynthia Gregoire

Gregoire Sisters Makeover: Elaine Day

This week on The Chrissy B Show the Gregoire Sisters made over  mother of 3, Elaine Day.  Elaine is featured on the “Love Your Body, Love You” special episode.


Before the makeover began, Elaine had explained to us that her tiny 5″1 frame ballooned from 6.5 stone to 12.5 stone during her three pregnancies, leaving her body with loose  skin, stretch marks and sagging breasts.  Finding flattering clothes became more difficult and she has admitted she has lost confidence in her post baby body to the point where it has started to affect her personal life.

Elaine before Gregoire Sister Makeover

First came the makeup, and Maegan was all about the colour.  What I love about Maegan’s work is she always manages to find a look for a person they would have never previously considered.  She analyses her model’s faces and then chooses from a wide selection of quality products to complete her creative makeup application.


First came the hair and makeup, and Maegan was all about natural glam.  “When your face is flawless everything else is a bonus.  I focused on enhancing the skin using natural contour colours and shades of natural tone to suit Elaine’s skin colour.”

Maegan applies natural tones to create a flawless skin look on Elaine

Now for the clothes.  I wanted to style Elaine in a  glamorous way that would enhance her figure and provide the structure and support where her body needed it.  Hiding a heavier figure under baggy oversized tops can actually make a person appear larger and shorter than they are.  Instead choose a garment that fits properly, make use of colours and patterns and choose fabrics that have structure to create a flattering shape.

Stylist Cynthia Liza consults her rail for the most appropriate outfit for Elaine to try

I knew I had the perfect solution for Elaine with Nicole Miller’s AW15  “Surplus Tuck Dress”. The forest green and white abstract-print fabric, wrap V neckline, and ruching throughout is just what Elaine needed to hide any unwanted bulges. A structured dress such as this gives the illusion of a  flattering silhouette and perfect hourglass shape.  High stilettos make a shorter frame appear much taller and slim the legs.

Elaine Day before and after the Gregoire Sisters makeover

Here’s what Elaine had to say about her clothing makeover:

“Having a makeover on the show was great! It has encouraged me to be more experimental with clothing and natural tones.  The clothing was good quality and comfortable, felt very natural on me, I particularly liked the shoes. Sometimes heels can be uncomfortable but they were so nice…”

Another Gregoire Sisters Makeover on The Chrissy B Show!

Elaine was a pleasure to work with and I wish her a successful career in the tv and film industry as she chases her dream!

This show will air in London, England on Sky 203 at 10pm October 26, 2015.  Check back here to watch.

All outfits by Question Air boutique in Hampstead, London. You can read about Cynthia’s styling choices here.

by Cynthia Gregoire

If you would like to be considered for a Gregoire Sisters makeover and appear on The Chrissy B Show on live television, please write to with a photo, measurements, and why you would like a Gregoire Sisters makeover.

Cynthia’s Styling: Autumn/Winter 2015’s best picks

This episode of The Chrissy B Show I had so many fashion pieces to choose from at my favourite designer clothing boutique in Hampstead, Question Air.  The shop is filled to the brim with Autumn/Winter’s best styles.


For Chrissy I chose a silk jumpsuit by Rebecca Taylor.  Rebecca’s AW15 collection is absolutely gorgeous this season filled with romantic bohemian pieces cut to flatter every woman’s shape.  I love styling Chrissy in a jumpsuit, she makes wearing a one look effortless to wear and most importantly they suit and flatter her body in a comfortable way.

Chrissy B rocking a monochrome jumpsuit by American based designer Rebecca Taylor
For myself I’ve really been into monochrome looks so I paired my favourite Vivienne Westwood white blouse with a leather knee skirt by Rabens Saloner.  Ravens Saloner is a Danish designer which I absolutely love and they have nailed the longer skirt length of the season with this elasticised leather skirt.  Tuck in your shirt to show off your waist and for a dash of colour I paired with red suede court shoes by Sam Edelman.  Suede or suede looking fabrics are very hot this season and add a lovely warm texture to your outfit.

Stylish monochrome look using the season’s hottest pieces
For my sister Maegan I chose this gorgeous red with black underlay Diane von Furstenberg zarita dress.   DVF does this dress every season, however these two colours together are absolutely romantic and I paired the dress with sexy black suede lace up heels by Australian designer Senso.

Romantic and sexy in lace, Maegan looks elegant in DVF
And of course let’s not forget about Sehar, our lovely makeover of the week!  Read about Sehar’s outfit and makeup makeover here.

Our lovely makeover model Sehar Zam
All outfits courtesy of Question Air boutique in London.

by Cynthia Gregoire